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As the name suggests, 4th of July Beach is a prime location to watch the fireworks on Independence Day. This beach is ideal for picnickers and also provides a  large grass for lawn sports. Nestled inside Griffin's bay, the beach is protected from wind, making it the place to bring your young ones to play or relax with a good book. There are several hundred feet of beach access giving you plenty of space to avoid crowds. 

Close to town, this calm weather beach offers picnic tables, fire pits, and volleyball nets. This beach is excellent for a quick paddle in your kayak or a pleasant stroll along the driftwood-lined shores. 

Here you will find the longest shoreline of long pebble and sand beach in the San Juans. The San Juan National Park you pass on the road leading up to the beach is home to many of the island's wildlife, foxes, rabbits, even the occasional eagle sighting. The two-mile stretch offers fire pits, BBQs, and picnic tables. Driftwood forts assembled by beachgoers are common and keep an eye out for some historical treasure. For example, native American arrowheads have been known to have been found on the beach. 

Located in American Camp, Grannys Cove is one of the few sandy beaches on the island. To access, walk half a mile along the prairie grass trail down to the beach. The shallow bay warms up nicely in the summer, making an excellent spot for a dip in the water, sandcastle building, and relaxation. 

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