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Organic Vegetable Market


Friday Harbor Market Place is the largest and most affordable grocery store on the island. It boasts a wide selection of organic produce and natural foods. There's a great range of both high and low-end prices and a great selection of specialty vegetarian items, too. Make sure to note. There is no seafood sold here; you will need to go to King's Market or down to the Marina for the daily catch! 

The San Juan Food Co-Op is a grassroots-created, cooperatively owned grocery store that supports local and organic production, fosters conscientious consumption, and builds community connections. The SJI Food Co-Op carries delicious, fresh, local, and regional produce. At the co-op, you will be able to find items such as island grass-fed meats, local seafood, raw honey, handcrafted cheeses, cured meats, bulk items, and much more. Most of the staffing behind this food supply is by volunteer labor. 

King's Market is a great grocery store to stop and pick up supplies on San Juan Island. Located conveniently in town, this store, in addition to groceries, has an excellent selection of prepared food, fresh baked goods, and items such as toiletries and stationery items. If you want to pick up a great bottle of wine, this is the place. The wine buyer has stocked the shelves with an excellent selection for all palates and budgets. Although on the pricier side, the location and ease make it a great option.

The Roche Harbor Market is the only place outside of the town of Friday Harbor where you can shop for groceries. This market mainly services the Roche Harbor Resort and Marina. However, you will find a lot of islanders and visitors will frequent this market often. The prices can be higher, but most will see that it aligns with other island markets. You can get wine and beer at the market, but what most find convenient is their ability to sell you any of the State's permits or licensing so you can catch whatever is in season!

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