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Not your typical day of travel.

Traveling to the islands for most usually includes additional travel, but the payoff is worth it! The San Juan Islands are located 90 miles North of Seattle. Two of the more popular ways to get to the islands are by plane or by ferry. 

Washington State Ferry

Click here for reservations and current ferry schedule. 

The Washington State Ferry is the most popular mode of transportation to the San Juan Islands. You can drive or walk on, and even take your bike! The ferry eave from Anacortes and has multiple departure routes and times to get you to your destination. Be sure to check the current schedule as it changes seasonally. The ferry is a great way to get to the islands. If you go up to the passenger deck ( I recommend this), you can grab a booth or seat or even go outside and take in the beauty, and you transit through the Salish Sea. 


It does take about an hour and a half drive from Seattle (that is with no traffic), and you do need to be there 45 minutes before your departure time, so this does add time to your travel, especially if you are flying into Seattle. The ferry's also required reservations, so make sure to book those two days out. For a last-minute getaway trip, they do release tickets two days before at 7:00 am. If you need to get these late release tickets, set your alarm because they tend to sell out quickly. 


By Plane 

Click here to book your reservations and see flight times. 

Kenmore Air offers two different ways to fly you to the island from Seattle.  One option is to take the Kenmore Air shuttle from SEA to Boeing Field, where their small commercial planes depart to the San Juans. Kenmore Air also has another option that allows for you to add a novel experience to fly to the San Juans in a Seaplane. Leaving South Lake Union, located in Downtown Seattle, you soar over the iconic Seattle skyline as you enjoy the views of the Emerald City and iconic landmarks, including the Space Needle. 


The flights usually run about 45 minutes and great travel options to allow for more time to enjoy the islands. The planes fly lower than larger commercial planes, so turbulence can frequently happen during the flight; nervous flyers beware. The plane seats about ten people on average and book up quickly. So make sure to book in advance if you plan to go this route. Also note, the luggage restriction on the Seaplanes, they limit luggage to 25lbs per person. 

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Additional Travel 

In addition to the Washington State Ferry and Kenmore air, which work for most travelers to the San Juan Islands, there are always other ways to make your trip to the islands work best for you. For additional information on shuttles to private cars, boats, and planes, contact us. We can help you arrange the best way that works around your schedule to get you here! 

For more convenient travel day. 

Contact us to for information on the best alternatives ways to get to the islands that works around your schedule. 

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