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Lopez Island 

Don’t be startled on your first visit to Lopez Island when people wave to you from their cars. This is “the Friendly Isle”—15 miles long with 63 miles of shoreline and 2,500 year-round residents. The Lopez landscape blends forests with rolling farmlands, quiet bays and driftwood-strewn beaches with distant views of mountain ranges and snow-tipped Mount Baker.

Lopez’s natural beauty and quality of life have attracted a variety of residents—artists, craftspeople, entrepreneurs, musicians, farmers, fishermen and nature lovers. Scandinavian farmers arrived here in the 1850s, drawn by the island’s gentle topography, and Lopez Island farms today raise an eclectic range of products, from sheep to llamas, wine grapes to apples, pears to kiwis.

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The perfect day!

Worried you might miss out on one of Lopez's must see spots, don't worry, we have you covered. We have put together a one-day itinerary on Lopez island so you can make the most of your time here.

Are you staying for more than one day? Then contact us for help planning the rest of your time on the island. We are here for you!  

Where to Stay 

There are many ways to enjoy your stay on Lopez. Are you looking for a luxurious B&B, or do you want to spend more time in nature and camp out in the evening? Whichever way you choose to enjoy a night over on the island, we have something for everyone!  

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Where to Eat 

You will not go without options for places to eat on Lopez Island. Everyone seems to return to these favorite spots year after year, from seasoned locals to curious tourists, who all seek out the island's best eats. We can guarantee that after eating and drinking your way around the island, you'll be sure to plan your return sooner than you think. So whether you're packing a picnic to take on a scenic bike ride or looking to settle in for a more sophisticated meal —we've got you covered. Here's our guide to eating and drinking on Lopez Island right now.

Additional Items

The best attractions, hotels, and restaurants are essential for making the most of your trip to the islands. However, let's not forget the other necessary items that make this island great all around. Click here for additional information on schools, hospitals, and other things to note for your time here. 

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