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Outer Islands 

For those who are looking for one more degree of separation for their preferred island experience. 

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When you hear about the San Juan Islands, you will most likely hear talk of the main islands Friday Harbor, Lopez, Orcas, and Shaw. Those islands all offer a way of life that blends island living with modern living. However, you may not be aware that those four islands are just a few of the 172 islands that make up the archipelago. Some of these islands host year-round residents, making small communities that enjoy a more remote lifestyle. 

Located throughout the Salish Sea, adjacent to the main islands, access for visitors is done through local charter companies. Depending on which islands you depart from, you can reach them by a quick boat ride or a more than leisurely paddle in a kayak. 

We are here to help guide you through these outer islands for the island experience that fits you best. 

Decatur Island 

Pearl Island 

Henry Island

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